About Me


My name is Massimo Giannitti, and I am 20 years old. Outside of work and school, I enjoy drawing, putting hobby models together, and game design. I am a quick learner and always eager to learn something new.

When it comes to my work, for the most part, I keep to myself and work alone, but I am flexible and can also work well in teams. I would consider myself a perfectionist, always trying to get everything the way I like it. Although this can be a downfall I make it up my knowing how to manage my time well, and to work efficiently.

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My style

When it comes to my style I like to design in a methodical way. Using grids for alignment, shapes and straight edges. Designing this way allows me to give my work a sense of alignment and order which is pleasant to the eyes.

Along with this, I am also very flexible in my work being able to adapt to many other different styles. This allows me to take on a wide spectrum of projects and be able to complete them.

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Ever since I was small I always had a lot of creativity. Any chance I had I was either drawing, making up scenarios in my head to keep me busy or just trying to make things look good. Growing up, like any other teen I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, although some ideas pertained to some kind of art program I did not think I would end up in a graphic and web design program.

When it came time to choose a program I was searching through all of my options to find something that struck my fancy. Out of the many programs that I looked at, the design program had the largest impact on me. It had something to do with computers, it would teach me about programs I wanted to learn about like Photoshop, and most importantly, it would allow me to express my creativity again. When applying for the program I did not know if I was going to stick with it, but little did I know I was going to spend the next 3 years enjoying the program and design overall.

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Present Day

Today I am a graphic designer working out of Montreal, Quebec. I finished my studies at John Abbott college and have graduated from their Graphic and Web Design program. Although I have completed the program my designs and skills are constantly evolving and growing with each completed project that I do. Even if I branch off in another direction of design, I will make sure I always stay up to date with both graphic and web design so that I will never lose something I love doing.

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Future Plans

Now that I have finished the Graphic and Web Design program I would like to branch off in another direction of design to experience and develop another aspect that I love, game design. Ever since I did a project in high school where I helped some friends make a game I wanted to do more. Going into a graphics program has shown me my strengths and weakness that I can now apply in game design.

At the moment, I have no official educational background in game design. I am self-thought through videos and articles that are found online. Over the last couple of years, I have used the following programs; Maya, Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter and a bit of Zbrush. Although I have picked up a lot over the years I know that there is still so much for me to learn.

With all of this, my dream is to further my studies in game design at NAD. A university level school in Montreal that specializes in video games and special effects for movies and videos.

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